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Beach Wedding Photography Tips

One of the most important things for your big day is your beach wedding photography. Here are 5 quick tips that can help you to capture your special day for all of time to come.

1. Black and white photography
An excellent way to give your beach wedding photography a special feel, is by playing with the colouring and using black and white or sepia tones for your photos. The lack of colour can give a completely different feel to your photos and make them that little bit more special. Consider a combination of vivid colour shots and black and white to give a variety to choose from.
This is also a great idea if the weather for your beach wedding didn’t come to the party, as overcast days look great in black and white, and instead look atmospheric.

2. Get your timing right
One of the key factors in any type of photography is the timing, and this is even more important for your beach wedding. Choose to take photos early in the morning, or at sunset, to accentuate the lighting and create the perfect beach wedding photos. Photos with your wedding party looking toward the sunset will give a beautiful warm glow to your faces. And photos with your wedding party in front of the sunset give excellent atmospheric shots.
Be sure to position your wedding party in front of the sun to ensure the best exposure.

3. Use fill flash to avoid shadows
When taking beach wedding photography, you will often find the strong sun of the beach will cast dark shadows on the faces of your subjects. Solve this problem by setting your camera to fill flash, to ensure the faces are lit just as brightly as the background!

4. Capture the action
Photos of the beach often bring back memories of running around barefoot on the beach. Capture this spirit by taking some photos that capture the fun and action of the beach. You could have the wedding party running along the shore, jumping in the air, or even splashing in the waves. But don’t forget to leave the splashing photos until last, as everyone will be wet afterwards!

5. Capture the drama
The beach is an excellent setting for some very dramatic shots. Especially at and around sunset, your beach wedding photography can make an excellent memory with dramatic photos. Have the bridal party posed in front of the sunset, with the camera close to the sand. This will give a dramatic angle, with the sunset providing an excellent backdrop. Don’t forget however, to pose your wedding party in front of the actual sun, and ensure you use the flash to light up the faces to make the best shot.

So all in all, you can make some very vivid memories with your beach wedding photography. With these simple tips, you can help to keep the memories as wonderful as your special day!