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Beach Wedding Ideas – Colour Schemes for a Seaside Feeling

One of the best beach wedding ideas, whether you’re at one of the perfect beach wedding locations or having a beach wedding without the beach, is to choose a colour scheme that evokes the feeling of the seaside.

Colour schemes can quickly and easily add a touch of the beach to your wedding, in your table coverings, aisle runners, and even food.

You could try the cool seaside tones of blues, greens and tans. These colours give a cool and relaxed feeling and can create a great atmosphere for your wedding.

Or perhaps you could go for a hot and tropical colour scheme. With hot pink, lime green, bright orange and sunny yellows to bring the warmth of the summer seaside.

The crisp blue and white of the Greek Islands makes for an excellent beach wedding colour scheme

Or you could try for a Greek Isle inspired theme with clean and crisp white and dark blues to mimic the famous buildings of the Greek Islands. This gives an exotic feel to your wedding, wherever you might be.

Whatever colour scheme you’re going for, you should extend this across your entire wedding. This is especially good if you aren’t able to be by the seaside and are going for a beach themed wedding.

So for example, you could have clean white linen for your tablecloths, with blue bowls for your food.

You could have chairs in an excellent mix of blues and greens to make the guests feel like they’re almost IN the sea. And perhaps even use sand to add the touch of yellow that a beach wedding needs.

Whatever colour scheme you go for, you’re sure to add volumes to the atmosphere of your beach wedding and evoke the feeling that you want for your special day.

Why not extend the colour scheme to your beach wedding favors to give the guests a little bit of your beach wonderland to take home and remember the day.

Choosing the right colour scheme is sure to make your beach wedding a hit, and is one of the best beach wedding ideas to make your day that much more special.