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Ideas for Perfect Beach Wedding Invitations

Another great beach wedding idea is to make your own really cool beach wedding invitations.

Your wedding invitations are really important because it’s the first impression, it sets the scene for your beach wedding and sets the scene for your big day.

So you want to get it off on the right foot, get people into the right mood. And a great way to do that is with the right beach wedding invitation.

A couple of great examples; if you’re crafty, you could literally make your own wedding invitations. Just get a bit of card, maybe simulate sand with some texture, or just get some glue and some nice fine white sand and stick it on there. Then stick on a few sea shells for a border and you’ve got a fantastic, beach theme wedding invitation.

You don’t need to do a lot, you just need a feeling of the sea. It gives that special effect to it.

Another idea you could do, you could make a postcard of either your wedding destination, or your ideal wedding destination if you’re not going to make it there.

Print out a nice glossy photo of a beach paradise, perhaps if you’re really lucky and you’re near the beach already, you could go down to the beach and write out your names or your initials in the sand. Or perhaps ‘You’re Invited’, in the sand. An excellent example of this can be found at Sandwriting by the sea, who’ll write your message in the sand for you. This will again give you the right feel as a postcard, and when you give it to your guests, they’ll know exactly what’s coming up for your day!

Or another great idea, if you’re feeling really creative, is to have a message in a bottle invitation. Write the invitation on some aged looking paper, (see tips on making aged paper), roll it up, and stick it in little bottles for each of your guests. Obviously this could end up being quite an expensive option, so perhaps this is good if you’re only having a small ceremony.

This is also a great idea for beach wedding placeholders for the actual wedding.

Another great idea related to the postcard idea, is to make your RSVP slips like a postcard back to you. This makes it much easier so that when it comes time to count all the RSVP’s, you won’t be sitting there opening envelopes all the time, and it makes it easier for the guests to back to you, which makes it more likely they will. It’s just better for everyone all round!

So beach wedding invitations are a fantastic way to kick start the mood of your wedding before it’s even started. It’s certainly one of the best beach wedding ideas!

Beach Wedding Ideas – Colour Schemes for a Seaside Feeling

One of the best beach wedding ideas, whether you’re at one of the perfect beach wedding locations or having a beach wedding without the beach, is to choose a colour scheme that evokes the feeling of the seaside.

Colour schemes can quickly and easily add a touch of the beach to your wedding, in your table coverings, aisle runners, and even food.

You could try the cool seaside tones of blues, greens and tans. These colours give a cool and relaxed feeling and can create a great atmosphere for your wedding.

Or perhaps you could go for a hot and tropical colour scheme. With hot pink, lime green, bright orange and sunny yellows to bring the warmth of the summer seaside.

The crisp blue and white of the Greek Islands makes for an excellent beach wedding colour scheme

Or you could try for a Greek Isle inspired theme with clean and crisp white and dark blues to mimic the famous buildings of the Greek Islands. This gives an exotic feel to your wedding, wherever you might be.

Whatever colour scheme you’re going for, you should extend this across your entire wedding. This is especially good if you aren’t able to be by the seaside and are going for a beach themed wedding.

So for example, you could have clean white linen for your tablecloths, with blue bowls for your food.

You could have chairs in an excellent mix of blues and greens to make the guests feel like they’re almost IN the sea. And perhaps even use sand to add the touch of yellow that a beach wedding needs.

Whatever colour scheme you go for, you’re sure to add volumes to the atmosphere of your beach wedding and evoke the feeling that you want for your special day.

Why not extend the colour scheme to your beach wedding favors to give the guests a little bit of your beach wonderland to take home and remember the day.

Choosing the right colour scheme is sure to make your beach wedding a hit, and is one of the best beach wedding ideas to make your day that much more special.